Our People

Clublinks Human Resources

Our people are the corner stone of our success. The Clublinks vision is to have a successful business with thriving staff and a great reputation. Our people practices and work environment are designed to foster the ability for staff to thrive. Thriving staff are engaged, empowered, energised and internally driven to succeed, therefore maximising our business success and enhancing our business reputation.

Our people systems are compliant, progressive and most importantly “real”; they are practical for application into all our sites and adaptable to varied workforces.

Our company values are intricately woven into all of our people systems and practices and are at the forefront for all employees. We use them as a basis for recruitment, our performance reviews and they form part of our daily conversations.

Clublinks Company Values:

We have a comprehensive recruitment and on boarding program which ensures cultural alignment to our teams and our business.

We clearly define the playing field, for our employees through employment contracts, policies and procedures. Our core HR policies include company policies and site specific tailoring.

We adopt a practical easy to implement tri-annual review program which starts with an assessment against our values and fosters clear and open conversations regarding performance, goal setting and goal attainment and cultural alignment.

We strive to create a learning culture that identifies the learning needs of individual and the business. We have individual learning and development plans for all full time and part time staff; these are created annually and updated at tri-annual review time. We also utilise on line learning platforms and promote on the job mentoring and cross training.

We truly believe in providing flexibility and work life balance opportunities to our teams, we adopt varied rosters and flexible start and finish times for full time staff providing opportunities for staff to balance competing priorities.