In an Australian golf industry first, three of the country’s top driving range facilities are going head to head in a state vs state driving range competition.

Albert Park Driving Range (VIC), Moore Park Golf (NSW) and Wembley Golf (WA) will be competing with each other to see who can secure the most amount of driving range ball purchases for the month of November.

Sponsored by Titleist (Acushnet), customers are encouraged to participate to win an amazing Titleist first prize; a custom fit set of new 716 irons and 816 hybrids. Each time they make a purchase at any of the participating venues during the promotion, customers can lodge an entry.

Coordinated by the marketing team at Clublinks, the three facilities are working together on the competition to drive public golf participation, and are looking forward to engaging in some fantastic state based rivalry on social media throughout the month.

Information on the competition is available on each of the three facility websites:

For further information on this announcement, please contact us.

Moore Park Golf’s Big Screen was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the HSBC Golf Business Forum Innovation Award.  Our Big Screen made it into the top 11 entries, from more than 100 entries globally.  Unfortunately, on this occasion we were not successful in winning the award, but we are pretty happy with making it into the top 11!

Bucking the trends seen in the golf industry of late, Moore Park Golf has seen year on year growth over the past four years. Trends for participation and utilisation have continued to increase, leading to record financial outcomes for the past two years.

Operated by Clublinks, the results are the culmination of the outsourced management model that incorporates a strong vision and strategic plan alongside a complete alignment of interests with the facility owner, Centennial Parklands Trust (CPT).

That plan incorporates a focus on operational efficiencies. “When we took over management of the site in 2009, there were a lot of repairs and maintenance to be undertaken. That set results back in the early days, but we are reaping the benefits now” says Erich Weber, General Manager of Moore Park Golf. “More importantly, the team at CPT share our innovative and progressive approach for the facility, which has provided us the ability to try new things, such as the Big Screen on the driving range.”

Key drivers of the results include better management through quality data which has helped Moore Park Golf drive volume and spends, generate improved yield management and optimise peak utilisation. It’s all part of the Clublinks philosophy of leaving facilities in better shape than when they find them. “Every single day, we look for progression, and how we can improve; it’s a constant focus for us as a business” says Anthony Lawrence, CEO of Clublinks.

Marketing has played a significant part in the Moore Park Golf journey. Three years ago, a strategic marketing plan was developed and the team built a framework of tools with a long term vision of what they wanted to achieve in terms of customer experience. Beginning with a simple, singled minded focus on better data capture to have more people to talk to, the marketing channels now incorporate regular targeted newsletters, personalised customer touch points, digital and social media, partnership programs and cross database promotions.

This framework has allowed the team more responsiveness and the ability to capitalise on opportunities. It has also resulted in improved communications and connection with customers through a strong brand presence, particularly in the digital space.

Gavin Kirkman, Chief Membership Officer at PGA of Australia has recognised this. “The marketing that is done at Moore Park Golf is progressive and market leading. It’s great to see an organisation in our industry setting a new benchmark. I regularly distribute it within our company to educate others as a great example to follow”.

To find out more about the Clublinks and Moore Park Golf success story, contact us today.

Building and maintaining a strong database of your customers provides your business with an ongoing, and cost effective, marketing channel. It also helps facilitate future purchase opportunities, and can encourage customers to share your business information with new customers.

PriceWaterhouse Coopers reports that finding a new customer costs from three to seven times more than keeping an existing one, and up to 95% of profits come from long-term customers.

Here are our top five tips for growing a great database:

  1. Keep it simple, but not stupid.  You want to make it easy for people to join, so don’t discourage them by asking them to complete an extensive form. You also don’t want the data you collect so simple that it doesn’t provide you with any insights into your customer demographics. A good selection includes: First name, Surname, Email Address, Date of birth and postcode.
  2. Multi-channel approach.  There are many channels and strategies you can try to encourage customers to provide you with their details; you need to find a mix that is right for your business. To ensure you don’t miss any opportunities, a multi-channel approach is needed including staff, online booking, web enquiry, social media and online subscriptions. Provide an onsite self service subscription option such as a tablet based kiosk, or a paper based sign up form.
  3. Be compliant.  Make sure your activities and collection of information are compliant with the spam and privacy acts. At any point you collect contact details, make sure you inform people this is the case, and provide the opportunity to opt out. Make sure you use an email system that allows people to unsubscribe at any time.
  4. Reward and retention.  Reward your customers for providing you with their details and to encourage them to continue to stay on as an active subscriber. An immediate welcome incentive offer is a quick and easy recognition of thanks. Exclusive offers, special discounts, or first access to popular events encourage retention.
  5. Relevance.  It’s a privilege to be given someone’s direct contact information. To ensure you create emails that are welcomed in an inbox rather than just received, your content needs to be relevant to your audience. Track the responses to your articles and ensure you continue to send the type of information that your audience responds to.

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Late last year the Directors of the Australian Golf Industry Council determined that including a representative from public golf courses would support a more inclusive level of thinking to AGIC’s activities.

From consultation within public courses across the country our CEO, Anthony Lawrence was invited to attend as an observer of AGIC meetings in 2015.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for an organisation, particularly smaller organisations, to manage all aspects of their operations and management internally.  Outsourcing can provide a range of benefits to your company such as:

  1. Access to experts
    Bu outsourcing to a third party like Clublinks, you are met with the opportunity to access many experts in a variety of disciplines, which can be easier than employing the same individuals directly.  This allows you to maximise the return on your investment in resources.
  2. Elimination of employment risk
    A difficult situation in any business is to replace key staff, or develop effective succession planning.  Outsourcing provides you the with peace of mind that service and quality will be maintained.
  3. Learning from other like businesses
    With outsourcing, you benefit from the experience that your supplier has gained from a variety of clients.  You benefit from this wealth of knowledge.
  4. Professional output
    We pride ourselves on our professional outputs.  Our success is measured by your success and we have a proven track record of improving businesses that we work with.
  5. Scalability
    Having support from a outsourced company provides your business with scale as you grow.  Our services and support can grow with your business and give you the flexibility you need.

To find out more about how outsourcing could assist your business, contact us today.

We are delighted to welcome Rosebud Country Club to the Gallus Golf family!  To find out more about what a Gallus Golf app can do for your course, please click here for more information.

Winners of the Victorian Legends Pro Am of the year 2015

Managed by the PGA of Australia, the E-Z-GO PGA Legends Tour is the Professional golf circuit for Professional golfers aged 50 and over.

The team of professional golfers who played in the Legends Tour voted at the end of the circuit, and Eagle Ridge’s hosted event (the Peter Stickley Advocacy Legends Pro Am) held in March was voted the Pro Am event of the year for 2015.

Congratulations to Eagle Ridge Golf Course!

We often have discussions with facilities who talk about the marketing they would like to do, and it usually involves expensive advertising or CRM solutions.  In many instances, when we delve a little deeper into understanding why the facilities are focused on those areas, it’s just because that’s what they think they should do.

With a little further discussion, we usually find that there are a few basic tools that your business can put in place first, to get their marketing efforts working more effectively and see some faster results.

  1. Email marketing.  Are you collecting a database of visitors and regularly sending them news and information about what’s on at your venue?  Only send information that is newsworthy, otherwise your unsubscribe rate will increase.  A monthly communication is a great start.
  2. Website.  You need a website that is easy to navigate and easy to read. Ensure that it’s easy for you to update news, events and other information for the articles in your email marketing to click through to. Articles in a newsletter should be short and sharp with the main detail on your website. Be sure to have Google Analytics installed for reporting and understanding how your customers interact with your site.
  3. Local marketing.  Statistically, most of your potential new customers or members are going to come from your local area.  Make sure they know what is happening at your venue.  Don’t underestimate roadside signage, letterbox drops, council newsletters and other local options such as school / sporting club newsletters for getting your messages out.
  4. Satisfied members. Your members and regular visitors are the best marketing tools you have!  Do you regularly keep your members up to date with what’s happening at your venue?  Do you track their satisfaction with surveys?  DO you provide them an easy feedback channel and respond to information you receive via this?  Satisfied and loyal members should be encouraged to refer friends through member referral programs.
  5. Great staff.  Do your stall smile and welcome every visitor and make sure customers feel their custom is appreciated?  A great customer experience encourages return visitations. Negative experiences make a great Facebook post that is quickly shared.  Make sure staff are informed. A great marketing campaign is lost if staff don’t know about it.

You might question why social media is not in the list above. Poorly managed social media is worse than none at all. If you don’t have the resources to dedicate to doing it regularly and well, then don’t do it. And once you get the above mastered, social media makes a great number 6!

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