Clublinks Management Pty Ltd (Clublinks) is delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with AFL Victoria to manage, promote and grow the increasingly popular AFL 9s initiative within metropolitan Melbourne and the Geelong region.

Held in venues across Melbourne, the AFL9s program is the AFL’s official social version of the game with players of all ages and abilities taking part in a modified version of Australia’s national sport.

In addition to the formal partnership with AFL Victoria, Clublinks will continue to expand its current relationship with Deakin University to offer students real-world experience and career opportunities through employment within the AFL 9s competition.

Clublinks’ General Manager, Anthony Edgar, is excited and proud to be working with such an illustrious sporting organisation such as AFL Victoria.

“Our team is thrilled to have this opportunity to be a driving force in expanding the AFL game to new audiences, encouraging everyone in the community to lead an active lifestyle and also the chance to offer our existing partners, in this case Deakin University, new opportunities to offer something special within the market.”

Andrew Crowley, Manager of Deakin University Sport and Recreation, said: “We started the partnership with AFL Victoria several years ago when Deakin University became the home for AFL 9s in Geelong. We are pleased to see the next phase in this development where our partner Clublinks is to deliver the AFL 9’s program across Melbourne. It also serves as a great opportunity for our students to gain hands on experience and employment opportunities with Clublinks.”

Clublinks will kick off the AFL 9s competitions in October 2018.


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