At the recent Parks and Leisure Vic/Tas Conference held on May 1st, Clublinks was proud to sponsor the ‘Community Based Initiative of the Year’ award.

The award was won by the City of Ballarat, for their ‘Memory Atlas Social History Walking Tours’. The project is a documentary that records and shares the personal memories of Ballarat residents from key city locations, and offers a personal alternative to the usual historical observations.

“Being part of a community is extremely important to the Clublinks team, and we’re honoured to sponsor such a great award.” said Clublinks CEO Anthony Lawrence.

Photo: Mick Trembath (left) from the City of Ballarat, accepting the award from Clublinks’ CEO Anthony Lawrence.

With over 1.440 billion monthly active users, Facebook is attractive to businesses across the globe.  Applying the following best practises will ensure your business gets the most out of its Facebook page and provide you with a digital avenue to target valuable customers.

  1. Complete your profile correctly:
    Ensure that your company’s ‘About’ section lists all of your information correctly. This also includes using a recognisable profile picture so that you can easily be found and liked. A company logo is usually the best option for this as it is something that your fans will associate with your brand.
  2. Create content:
    The simplest formula to attract traffic to your Facebook page is to create content. Post regularly, mix it up, always respond to comments and have a plan in place to respond to negative comments. By constantly adding fresh content to your page you will easily be able to test what are the best times to post and create reactions.
  3. Encourage ‘sharing’ (as well as ‘like’s):
    Without appearing desperate, encouragement to share your business page is a way to build your following. A promotion or tagging in companies you are aligned with is an excellent way to do this. It is also beneficial to encourage followers to share as well as like. The like button tends to act as a positive endorsement for a post; however the share button allows the user to write a comment, which will then show up in their news feed, making the share option more visible in feeds.
  4. Study your analytics:
    Better business decisions and more effective posting can be done when you know exactly who your target is and when they are online. Facebook provides easy to understand analytics that can assist with making your business campaigns achieve better results and learnings. It will even break your fans into gender, age and location, which has historically been challenging to discover.
  5. Boost and promote:
    Facebook has built itself into one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to promote online. You can boost posts to a targeted audience for as little as $1 and receive an estimation of how far your boosting can reach. With the ability to import email lists that will match Facebook audiences to similar targets (called a look alike profile), the ability to reach a particular demographic at a low cost makes Facebook an exceptionally powerful digital tool.
  6. Have fun with it:
    For businesses that have a professional website and corporate collateral but want to show a little more personality, Facebook is a great way to create another persona for your company. Using Facebook to provide day to day information, announcing news and creating excitement for a future event is a quick, easy and entertaining way to communicate with your interested followers.

If you need some further advice on our social media can assist with the marketing of your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Sydney has just recorded its highest January rainfall in 28 years, but that hasn’t stopped Moore Park Golf from continuing its impressive trajectory towards another record breaking performance for the third year in a row.

January is on target to deliver yet another remarkable financial and utilisation result despite the angry and unpredictable weather lashing Sydney-siders.  Moore Park Golf’s performance was protected by a well planned and executed summer marketing program.

Targeting family and entertainment markets, and boasting new services such as family tees, big hole golf and a family range pass, the campaign has generated solid results.  Forward planned, it was implemented prior to the change in weather, and has been supported through the unpredictable weather with social posts highlighting when great playing conditions are available.

Bringing these new family features on board has enabled Moore Park Golf to improve its already impressive utilisation of products and services….most importantly it’s ensured that the weather has not got in the way of a good family day out with the kids.

Photo credit: @dallaskilponen

In an Australian golf industry first, three of the country’s top driving range facilities are going head to head in a state vs state driving range competition.

Albert Park Driving Range (VIC), Moore Park Golf (NSW) and Wembley Golf (WA) will be competing with each other to see who can secure the most amount of driving range ball purchases for the month of November.

Sponsored by Titleist (Acushnet), customers are encouraged to participate to win an amazing Titleist first prize; a custom fit set of new 716 irons and 816 hybrids. Each time they make a purchase at any of the participating venues during the promotion, customers can lodge an entry.

Coordinated by the marketing team at Clublinks, the three facilities are working together on the competition to drive public golf participation, and are looking forward to engaging in some fantastic state based rivalry on social media throughout the month.

Information on the competition is available on each of the three facility websites:

For further information on this announcement, please contact us.

Moore Park Golf’s Big Screen was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the HSBC Golf Business Forum Innovation Award.  Our Big Screen made it into the top 11 entries, from more than 100 entries globally.  Unfortunately, on this occasion we were not successful in winning the award, but we are pretty happy with making it into the top 11!

Building and maintaining a strong database of your customers provides your business with an ongoing, and cost effective, marketing channel. It also helps facilitate future purchase opportunities, and can encourage customers to share your business information with new customers.

PriceWaterhouse Coopers reports that finding a new customer costs from three to seven times more than keeping an existing one, and up to 95% of profits come from long-term customers.

Here are our top five tips for growing a great database:

  1. Keep it simple, but not stupid.  You want to make it easy for people to join, so don’t discourage them by asking them to complete an extensive form. You also don’t want the data you collect so simple that it doesn’t provide you with any insights into your customer demographics. A good selection includes: First name, Surname, Email Address, Date of birth and postcode.
  2. Multi-channel approach.  There are many channels and strategies you can try to encourage customers to provide you with their details; you need to find a mix that is right for your business. To ensure you don’t miss any opportunities, a multi-channel approach is needed including staff, online booking, web enquiry, social media and online subscriptions. Provide an onsite self service subscription option such as a tablet based kiosk, or a paper based sign up form.
  3. Be compliant.  Make sure your activities and collection of information are compliant with the spam and privacy acts. At any point you collect contact details, make sure you inform people this is the case, and provide the opportunity to opt out. Make sure you use an email system that allows people to unsubscribe at any time.
  4. Reward and retention.  Reward your customers for providing you with their details and to encourage them to continue to stay on as an active subscriber. An immediate welcome incentive offer is a quick and easy recognition of thanks. Exclusive offers, special discounts, or first access to popular events encourage retention.
  5. Relevance.  It’s a privilege to be given someone’s direct contact information. To ensure you create emails that are welcomed in an inbox rather than just received, your content needs to be relevant to your audience. Track the responses to your articles and ensure you continue to send the type of information that your audience responds to.

Click here to download this info in a handy pdf file.

We often have discussions with facilities who talk about the marketing they would like to do, and it usually involves expensive advertising or CRM solutions.  In many instances, when we delve a little deeper into understanding why the facilities are focused on those areas, it’s just because that’s what they think they should do.

With a little further discussion, we usually find that there are a few basic tools that your business can put in place first, to get their marketing efforts working more effectively and see some faster results.

  1. Email marketing.  Are you collecting a database of visitors and regularly sending them news and information about what’s on at your venue?  Only send information that is newsworthy, otherwise your unsubscribe rate will increase.  A monthly communication is a great start.
  2. Website.  You need a website that is easy to navigate and easy to read. Ensure that it’s easy for you to update news, events and other information for the articles in your email marketing to click through to. Articles in a newsletter should be short and sharp with the main detail on your website. Be sure to have Google Analytics installed for reporting and understanding how your customers interact with your site.
  3. Local marketing.  Statistically, most of your potential new customers or members are going to come from your local area.  Make sure they know what is happening at your venue.  Don’t underestimate roadside signage, letterbox drops, council newsletters and other local options such as school / sporting club newsletters for getting your messages out.
  4. Satisfied members. Your members and regular visitors are the best marketing tools you have!  Do you regularly keep your members up to date with what’s happening at your venue?  Do you track their satisfaction with surveys?  DO you provide them an easy feedback channel and respond to information you receive via this?  Satisfied and loyal members should be encouraged to refer friends through member referral programs.
  5. Great staff.  Do your stall smile and welcome every visitor and make sure customers feel their custom is appreciated?  A great customer experience encourages return visitations. Negative experiences make a great Facebook post that is quickly shared.  Make sure staff are informed. A great marketing campaign is lost if staff don’t know about it.

You might question why social media is not in the list above. Poorly managed social media is worse than none at all. If you don’t have the resources to dedicate to doing it regularly and well, then don’t do it. And once you get the above mastered, social media makes a great number 6!

Click here to download this information for future reference.