The importance of defining the playing field

Clublinks Human Resources

Human Resource managers often spend a lot of their time on performance management and dealing with queries / questions regarding performance and conduct.  Often a breakdown in communication or a lack of clearly defined expectations can be the cause of employees not achieving the required results, expectations or adopting less than desirable work habits.

In a sporting context, a fair competition involves clearly defining the rules and providing each player or team with an equal chance to succeed. It is clear from the outset what it will take to win and be recognised as the “best on ground”.

Businesses need to adopt this same philosophy in the workplace. A clearly defined playing field is a vital step in the engagement of employees to enable them to deliver a highly productive workplace.

This involves:

  • detailing  core policies and procedures, that is ‘the way we do things around here’;
  • identifying daily operational and strategic objectives;
  • clearly articulating how employees are measured, rewarded and recognised; and
  • defining what high performance looks like within your organisation.

In practical terms this can be achieved through employment contracts, well documented policies and procedures, position descriptions, performance reviews and regular clear and open communication with managers and supervisors.

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