Record results acheived at Moore Park Golf

Bucking the trends seen in the golf industry of late, Moore Park Golf has seen year on year growth over the past four years. Trends for participation and utilisation have continued to increase, leading to record financial outcomes for the past two years.

Operated by Clublinks, the results are the culmination of the outsourced management model that incorporates a strong vision and strategic plan alongside a complete alignment of interests with the facility owner, Centennial Parklands Trust (CPT).

That plan incorporates a focus on operational efficiencies. “When we took over management of the site in 2009, there were a lot of repairs and maintenance to be undertaken. That set results back in the early days, but we are reaping the benefits now” says Erich Weber, General Manager of Moore Park Golf. “More importantly, the team at CPT share our innovative and progressive approach for the facility, which has provided us the ability to try new things, such as the Big Screen on the driving range.”

Key drivers of the results include better management through quality data which has helped Moore Park Golf drive volume and spends, generate improved yield management and optimise peak utilisation. It’s all part of the Clublinks philosophy of leaving facilities in better shape than when they find them. “Every single day, we look for progression, and how we can improve; it’s a constant focus for us as a business” says Anthony Lawrence, CEO of Clublinks.

Marketing has played a significant part in the Moore Park Golf journey. Three years ago, a strategic marketing plan was developed and the team built a framework of tools with a long term vision of what they wanted to achieve in terms of customer experience. Beginning with a simple, singled minded focus on better data capture to have more people to talk to, the marketing channels now incorporate regular targeted newsletters, personalised customer touch points, digital and social media, partnership programs and cross database promotions.

This framework has allowed the team more responsiveness and the ability to capitalise on opportunities. It has also resulted in improved communications and connection with customers through a strong brand presence, particularly in the digital space.

Gavin Kirkman, Chief Membership Officer at PGA of Australia has recognised this. “The marketing that is done at Moore Park Golf is progressive and market leading. It’s great to see an organisation in our industry setting a new benchmark. I regularly distribute it within our company to educate others as a great example to follow”.

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